Thursday, January 8, 2009

Locked away! Why, oh why?

Dear Bentley,

I don't understand why I have to be in my pen. There are other dogs in the neighborhood that get to run free and do whatever they want. When I do manage to get out, my owners put me back in it when they're done playing with me--unless it's cold, then I'll get to go inside. It's just not fair. Princess and Thumper only get put up some of the time. My cousin Apple is staying with me now, but even before, she was able to run free. She doesn't understand either why we have to be penned up all day and why her brother and sister get to run free. Can you help explain why this is?


Dear Dixie,
My mommy and daddy puts me in a pen too when they're not home. The worst part about this is the pen is inside. They keep me penned up while they're gone because they just don't trust me. They think I'll tear things up or invite all the other neighborhood dogs to have a party. I've been kept in a pen inside ever since I was a puppy. I used to bark my head off...but now I just let them put me in it, and then I act calm as they leave. I know that barking won't help and that they'll be back home soon. They keep me in a pen while they're gone for my own safety. After all, what would happen if I was running and something fell and hit me? Or if I got into a cabinet and ate something that I wasn't supposed to? See, they keep me penned up because they love me and want me to be safe. That's why your owners keep you penned up and don't let you run free. They want you to be safe and not get hurt. They also don't want you to run away from home because if you did, they'd miss you so much. There's a lot of owners that don't care much for their dogs, but you and I are both lucky that we have such caring owners. You're lucky too that you get to come inside when it's cold. Some dogs don't even get that. Thanks for seeking my advice.

Barkingly yours,