Monday, January 19, 2009

Just let me SLEEP!!!

Dear Bentley,

My owners are always messing with me. When I'm tired, all I want to do is sleep. When I'm finally asleep, they suddenly have to pick me up and play with me. Sure, I like the attention, but when I'm ready sleep, I just want to be left alone. Do you have any advice on what I can do to get a good night's sleep?


Dear Molly,

I know EXACTLY how you feel. My owners are the same way. I guess that's what we get for being so doggone cute! :) My advice to you is to hide. Go under a bed and sleep. Make sure you position yourself towards the middle so your owners can't reach you, but they'll still be able to see where you are. That always works for me and I hope it works for you too :) Good luck and I hope you get that good night's sleep you're asking for very soon. Thanks for seeking my advice.

Barkingly yours,