Friday, January 30, 2009

I want the GOOD stuff...

Dear Bentley,

My owners are always buying me cheap doggy treats. When I go to my puppy pals' houses, their owners give them fancy gourmet treats. I get so embaressed when they come to my house because my treats aren't anything compared to their's. Bentley, what can I do to let my parents know that I don't want the cheap treats anymore? I want the fancy ones like my pals get.


Dear Roxy,

It's never good to follow a crowd. Just because your friends get fancy gourmet dog treats, it doesn't mean you have to. Your owners may not be able to afford the fancy treats. As long as you enjoy your treats, you should continue to eat them. Now, if you don't like them at all (the way they taste), stop eating them. Your owners will see that you aren't eating them and they'll likely switch your treats. You shouldn't feel embaressed because you don't eat the same type of fancy treats that your pals eat. If they make fun of you, then you shouldn't be pals with them in the first place. Thanks for seeking my advice and always remember to eat what YOU like, not what others like.

Barkingly yours,