Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Doggy" Lunch Dates---"What a PAWFECT idea!"

Dear Bentley,

My owners just left to get some lunch. As always, they've left me here alone. I love it when they take me through fast food drive-thrus, but today they decided to get all fancy and go to a sit-down place to eat. I still don't quite understand why they'd leave anyways. The fridge is full of food---I know because I peek in it all the time. Shh! Don't tell! Should I stay mad when they get home, or should I just let it go and be happy that they're back so they can play with me?


Dear Julius,

Some restaurants won't allow dogs. I know...things really need to change. After all, someday us dogs are going to take over the world :) Even though the fridge is full, they may still want to get out. You know how you feel when you've been inside all day and it feels SO GOOD to go outside? That's exactly how they feel. You shouldn't stay mad at them. If you get mad at them, it'll make them really sad. If you want them to play with you and take you on lots of walks, you have to be happy. This will make them happy. And believe me, happy owners are the BEST owners. They'll do and give you anything you want :) By the way, cheer up. They may bring you home a "doggy bag" full of leftovers. See, I knew that would get you excited! Thanks for seeking my advice.

Barkingly yours,