Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brrrrrrrr!!!!! It's COLD outside!

Dear Bentley,

I'm tired of going outside in the freezing weather to take care of my business. When will it be warm again? This cold weather is miserable!


Dear Neko,

Hopefully it'll warm up soon. I don't like the cold weather either. My nose runs, my ears hurt, and my paws freeze. Usually my owners put my hoodie on before I go out in the cold weather. If you have a hoodie, you may want to drag it to your owners so they'll put it on you. I'm a BIG sniffer. I love sniffing things when I go outside. But now that it's so cold outside, I hurry up and take care of my business so I can go back inside and get warm :) From now on when you're outside, hurry up. Spring is just around the corner, so it won't be cold for too much longer. Before long, you'll be asking for popsicles. Thanks for seeking my advice.

Barkingly yours,