Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear Bentley,

Chester the cat here. My owners just brought home a new cat. Ever since my new "cat sister" has moved in, she's been causing lots of messes (ie. clawing furniture, shredding toilet paper, hanging from the blinds). Unfortunately, I'm the cat that gets ALL the blame. I want to set Misty (cat sister) up so that she'll get caught. Do you have any ideas of what I should do? I'm tired of getting in trouble EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Dear Chester,

It seems like girls are always getting away with EVERYTHING!!! If you want her to get caught, good luck!!! It'll take lots of hard work. Girls can be VERY sneaky. My advice to you is every time you see Misty causing messes, alert your owners IMMEDIATELY. This way they'll catch her in the act. If they're not home, there's really no way they can catch her. If you want to punish her, you could always wrap her up in toilet paper. Hopefully your owners will walk through the door to see this. Then they'll immediately think Misty was shredding the toilet paper....and she'll finally be punished :) You could also hide all of her toys until she promises you that she'll start behaving. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. Thanks for seeking my advice.

Barkingly yours,