Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Enough with the dog shows ALREADY!!!

Dear Bentley,

My owners are ALWAYS making me be in dog shows. I'm getting really tired of it! I've already won so many blue ribbons and I don't understand why I have to keep being in shows. What should I do to make my owners stop? I just want to have a normal life.


Dear Lacy,

Thank goodness my owners don't enter me in all those "prissy" dog shows. I'd hate having to get all prettied up just for a silly ribbon. It seems kind of ridiculous to me. If you don't want to be in dog shows anymore, just let them know. If they keep putting you in them, then do whatever you can to lose--bite the judges, pee on the floor, get dirty. If you start losing a lot of dog shows then your owners will have no choice but to stop entering you. It would just be a waste of their time and money. You may get punished in the beginning (ie. treats taken away, toys put up, etc.), but at least you'll be happier. I'd be happier too knowing that I didn't have to act perfect, keep clean, and be on my best behavior. After all, I'm a dog. Dogs are supposed to roll around and get dirty, not priss on a stage for rewards. What's this world coming to? Thanks for seeking my advice. Good luck!

Barkingly yours,